The Finish Line's Got Nothin on the Race
This macine kills facists

In High Tide or in Low Tide

Friends, after 14 years of playing music together, Ten Mile Tide is calling it quits. Words connot express the friends, memories, experiences and all around good times that the Ten Mile Tide Family has provided throughout the years. We are forever shaped by the love you have given us and we continue to carry it with us in our daily lives.

As our way of saying Thank You to all of our friends and fans who have shared this journey with us, we are providing all of our recorded music for free download. Enjoy and please share! Here is our old website for nostalgia.

Washed Out Road (Unreleased demo, recorded 1999)
Flow (2001)
Midnight is Early (2003)
Ten Mile Tide (2005)
Riverstone (2008)
The Finish Line's Got Nothin on the Race (2012)