Artist: Ten Mile Tide
CD:Midnight Is Early

By K.B. Reidenbach

San Francisco’s Ten Mile Tide has had quite the ride over the past few months. With the help of the popular file sharing software Kazaa, the band was able to get their music heard by millions and in turn was able to quit their day jobs and tour the United States for three months. Hmmm? Who said file sharing was all that bad?

The band got their start in 1999 at Stanford University, and there is a lot of that typical “college sound” in their music. However, when you combine the band’s obvious folk influence along with their new surroundings in San Francisco, you’ll find yourself wondering whether to tell your girlfriend to burn her bra or to pass you the beer bong.

Ten Mile Tide’s new release Midnight is Early is saturated with wonderfully pleasant harmonies and nicely crafted tunes. Early tracks “Scream Out at the Sky” and “Alive on the Wall” have those types of grooves that will translate into record sales across America’s college campuses.

It’s when you get deeper into the album that Ten Mile Tide really begins to shine. From the very first listen, two things that really stand out are the vocalist’s delivery, which falls somewhere between Cat Stevens and the late great Warren Zevon, and the extremely interesting content of the group’s lyrics. The song “Sodium Lights” contains some of the collection's most visual lines and one of the album’s best hooks. “All the Days” is another standout track that is very reminiscent of traditional Irish Folk and is easy to sing along to.

“Drive Me Away” is a very likeable song that proves to be a fitting end to a solid album, but “Hurricane” is the record’s gem. This sultry ballad sounds like it could have easily been included on any of Phish’s last releases, and the singer even adds a “Trey-like” vocal delivery to the song. The guitar and piano interplay midway through the cut really exemplifies what this talented band can do.

Whether or not you download their music or buy their record, Ten Mile Tide’s Midnight is Early is a must have for any fan that loves a good blend of acoustic and electric rock. San Francisco, rich with pop music history, has yet another band to be proud of. Having already shared the stage with national acts such as moe., Karl Denson and MOFRO, the band is well on their way to leaving their stamp in the world of popular music.

Mixing great harmonies, pop sensibilities and tasteful deliveries, Ten Mile Tide comes through with a great collection of music for a genre that usually includes music’s pickiest fans. Just make sure you pass me that beer bong.

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