About James

James is a removal expert with over 10 years of experience doing everything from basic trimming to extensive property cleanups. He currently lives in New York and loves blogging about all things to do with trees!

About the Blog

This blog will cover everything tree – related. From basic information like how to properly check your plants for sickness, to tips on finding a good tree service or arborist, I’ll write about it all!

I draw my information from extensive online research and firsthand personal experience from working in the industry many years ago. I have since retired, but have decided to start up this blog to help other industry experts or just regular old homeowners with any information I can provide on the world of tree care.

I’ll be writing about things I get asked a lot at first (how to tell if a tree is sick etc), but will soon be opening up my inbox for questions or article requests, so if you have something in mind, stay tuned!